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We take a flight on a chartered Cessna to tour the beauty of Setouchi's many islands. We enjoy hishio-don bowls you can savor only in Shodoshima and experience the traditional art of Noson Kabuki. Here, we showcase an invaluable tour packed with the many charms of Setouchi.

Premium tour of Setouchi


We take a flight on a chartered Cessna to tour the beauty of Setouchi's many islands for a new way to enjoy Setouchi. Beautiful views from the sky of the warm and gentle Seto Inland Sea and the Great Seto Bridge await us.


Shodoshima is also known as the Hometown of Hishio. Made from salt added to malt and fermented, hishio is said to be the predecessor to miso and soy sauce. We toured the venerable sou sauce warehouses of Yamaroku Shoyu, established in the Hometown of Hishio about 150 years ago.


The hishio-don bowl has got to be the classic gourmet dish of the Hometown of Hishio. This dish features fermented soy sauce mash taken before the soy sauce is extracted, in a tare sauce with added dried ginger root, mirin rice wine, and more. We enjoy this staple of traditional Shodoshima cuisine, bursting with the flavor of soybeans.


Noson Kabuki is the traditional performance art of Shodoshima. A kabuki performance is held by the islanders once a year on the stage of Kasuga Shrine in Nakayama district-a famous event that attracts many tourists. Here, we undertake a special Noson Kabuki challenge, donning kabuki costumes and taking the stage for a special experience.

Connossieur's tour afterword

We experienced gorgeous scenery, cuisine available only in Shodoshima, and Japanese traditional culture. It was an awesome trip filled with the unique charms of the Seto Inland Sea. Why not travel to Setouchi yourself and enjoy your own connoisseurs' tour?

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