Program Introduction

This program introduces new attractions in Japan familiar only to those in the know. Our "connoisseurs"-experts on Japan who work on the front lines of the news media and know the cities and downtowns of Japan inside and out-present premium travel plans that are a cut above standard tourist fare.

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 Osaka img

We take a ride on a charter cruiser for a tour of Osaka, Japan's City of Water, and enjoy Osaka from a new angle. We attempt to shred the kombu kelp used to create the trademark kombu dashi broth of Osaka's unique food culture and introduce gourmet dishes showcasing the flavor of kombu dashi made with fresh kombu flakes.

#2 Setouchi

Setouchi img

We take a flight on a chartered Cessna to tour the beauty of Setouchi's many islands. We enjoy hishio-don bowls you can savor only in Shodoshima and experience the traditional art of Noson Kabuki. Here, we showcase an invaluable tour packed with the many charms of Setouchi.

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