Program Introduction

This program, we introduce the new charm of Japan that only insider would know. Japan through people who know cities in Japan that participate an active role at the forefront of Japan's information media, the name is "Tsujin". They suggest a premium trip plan which is different from standard tourist spot.

Premium Journey INDEX


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Enjoy Osaka from a new angle with a charter cruiser where you can enjoy Osaka, a city of water. And we will also introduce you to an exquisite gourmet which you can taste the kelp scrap of Osaka's unique food culture "Kombu Dashi" and taste the freshly cut kelp soup.

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#2 Setouchi

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Have a sightseeing flight by chartered Cessna and see a superb view appraised as "Islands beauty" in Setouchi. And experiencing the dish "Hishio don" which can be tasted only at Shodoshima and try traditional performing arts "Folk Kabuki". I will introduce you a valuable trip that full of the charm of Setouchi.

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If I go to travel in Kansai district, please use a profitable coupon for ATC.


A useful app for tourism!

Smartphone application that gathered spots introduced in the program and useful information is here. This app makes a travel in Japan more enjoyable!