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# 2 Setouchi journey digest movie

Have a sightseeing flight by chartered Cessna and see a superb view appraised as "Islands beauty" in Setouchi. And experiencing the dish "Hishio don" which can be tasted only at Shodoshima and try traditional performing arts "Folk Kabuki". I will introduce you a valuable trip that full of the charm of Setouchi.

Premium trip in Setouchi


The view of Setouchi is described as "Tatoubi". Go to fly by chartered Cessna to view Tatoubi (many beautiful islands), this is a new way of enjoying Setouchi scenic. See views of Seto Ohashi bridge and calm Setouchi sea from the sky.


It is said that Shodoshima has another name called "Soy sauce hometown". "Hishio" is a prototype of miso and soy sauce that fermented by adding salt to koji (mould grown on rice). Will go to visit the traditional soy sauce storage at Yamaroku Shoyu which was founded about 150 years ago in this "Soy sauce hometown".


The local gourmet of Shodoshima "Soy sauce hometown (Hishio no Sato)" is "Hishio don bowl". Pour sauce containing extra, ginger and mirin and the main fermenting mash before squeezing soy sauce to the rice bowl, and enjoy the traditional Shodoshima taste Hishio-don with rich flavor of beans.


Shodoshima's traditional performing arts, a folk Kabuki. At the stage in the Kasuga Shrine in Zhongshan District, the islanders perform Kabuki only once a year, and it becomes famous that the tourists also come to see. This time, challenge folk Kabuki specially. We will show you valuable experiences such as play dressed in costume.

Journey by well-informed person Postscript

Food which can be tasted only on Shodoshima and beautiful scenery, and traditional Japanese experience. It was a wonderful journey filled with the charm of Setouchi Sea. Why don't you enjoy yourself in Setouchi journey by well-informed too?

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