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# 1 Osaka's travel digest video

Enjoy Osaka from a new angle with a charter cruiser where you can enjoy Osaka, a city of water. And we will also introduce you to an exquisite gourmet which you can taste the kelp scrap of Osaka's unique food culture "Kombu Dashi" and taste the freshly cut kelp soup.

Premium journey in Osaka


For a premium journey to fully enjoy Osaka, the city of water, by charter a cruiser and enjoy Osaka. This time, will start at Fukushima port and experience a special course that goes around tourist attractions on the water, such as the Osaka symbol's Osaka Castle and familiar Ebisu Bridge with a huge Gricho signboard.


In Osaka there is a food culture of Konbu Dashi. This time, will experience a special craftsmanship technique to thin the kelp. Then, go to eat "Oboro Udon" which is soaked in soup of freshly cut kelp flavor, and enjoy konbu soup culture.


A shopping center located in Osaka's Seaside, "Asia Pacific Trade Center" or be called "ATC". ATC recommended shop is "A Connection". It is a duty-free shop that mainly have high quality products made in Japan.


"Takoyaki" representing Osaka, the city of food. Among them, the popular Takoyaki restaurant called Koka Shimbun main shop located in Shinsaibashi will teach traditional methods of grilling to master and experience Takoyaki making.

Journey by well-informed person Postscript

By cruising around the city, I could see Osaka from a new angle, and discover a scenic spot that even local people do not quite know. I could experience gourmet unique to Osaka and it was a very enjoyable trip. Why don't you enjoy yourself in Osaka journey by well-informed too?

# 2 Traveling in Setouchi from here

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If I go to travel in Kansai district, please use a profitable coupon for ATC.


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Smartphone application that gathered spots introduced in the program and useful information is here. This app makes a travel in Japan more enjoyable!